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Reyrolle 7SR105 Rho motor protection relay is a numerical protection relay intended for use in the motor protection applications. It provides a highly comprehensive functional software package with a range of integral application functions aimed at reducing installation, wiring, and engineering time.

The Reyrolle 7SR105 platform is a compact motor protection relay in a Non draw out case with 6BI/O’s, Serial interface, RTD inputs with Current based motor protection algorithms - simplest and comprehensive motor protection relay.

The device is housed in a 4U high, size 4 non drawn-out case and these relays provide protection, monitoring, instrumentation, and metering with integrated input and output logic, data logging and fault reports. Communication access to the relay functionality is via a front USB port for local PC connection or rear electrical RS485 port for remote connection.

A wide range of measured values can be viewed on the front LCD or remotely via the communications channel. The integrated control feature allows the safe operation of a motor and monitoring its start and stop operations.
Protection Functions
  • Stall Protection (14)
  • Undercurrent (37)
  • Current Unbalance Protection (46)
  • Phase Reversal (46Ph Rev)
  • Start Protection (48/66)
  • Voltage drop in feeder circuit cables
  • Time-overcurrent Protection (50/51)
  • Earth Fault (50/51G/N)
  • Backspin Protection (81B)
  • Temperature Inputs (RTD)
Supervision Functions
  • Circuit Breaker Fail (50BF)
  • CT Supervision (60CTS)
  • Trip Circuit Supervision (74T/CCS)
Monitoring Functions
  • Instrumentation
Main Features
  • Optional RTD inputs
  • Cold Load Settings
  • Two Settings Groups
  • Password Protection
  • Self Monitoring
  • Circuit Breaker Trip Counter
  • Fault, event and waveform records

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