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The SIPROTEC 7SA522 relay provides full-scheme distance protection and incorporates all functions usually required for the protection of a power line. The relay is designed to provide fast and selective fault clearance on transmission and sub-transmission cables and overhead lines with or without series capacitor compensation. The power system star point can be solid or resistance grounded (earthed), resonant-earthed via Peterson coil or isolated.

‚Äč The SIPROTEC 7SA522 is suitable for single-pole and three-pole tripping applications with and without the (pilot) protection schemes.
The SIPROTEC 7SA522 incorporates several protective functions usually required for transmission line protection.
  • High-speed tripping time
  • Suitable for cables and overhead lines with or without series capacitor compensation
  • Self-setting power swing detection for power swing frequencies up to 7 Hz
  • Digital relay-to-relay communication for two and three terminal topologies
  • Adaptive auto-reclosure (ADT)
  • Non-switched distance protection with 6 measuring systems (21/21N)
  • Breaker-related protection functions (Breaker Failure 50BF, Auto-reclosure 79)
  • High resistance ground (earth)-fault protection for single and three-phase tripping (50N, 51N, 67N)
  • Tele (pilot) protection (85)
  • Fault locator (FL)
  • Power swing detection/tripping (68/68T)
  • Phase-overcurrent protection (50/51)
  • STUB bus overcurrent protection (50STUB)
  • Switch-onto-fault protection (50HS)
  • Over/under voltage protection (59/27)
  • Over/under frequency protection (81O/U)
  • Auto-reclosure (79)
  • Synchro-check (25)
  • Breaker failure protection (50BF)
Communication interfaces
  • Commands for control of CB and isolators
Monitoring functions
  • Trip circuit supervision (74TC)
  • Self-supervision of the relay
  • Self-supervision of the relay
  • Event logging/fault logging
  • Oscillographic fault recording
  • Switching Statistics
Front design
  • User-friendly local operation with numeric keys
  • LEDs for local alarm
  • PC front port for convenient relay setting
  • Function keys
Communication interfaces
  • Front interface for connecting a PC
  • System interface for connecting to a control system via various protocols
    • IEC 61850 Ethernet
    • IEC 60870-5-103 protocol
    • DNP 3.0
  • 2 serial protection data interfaces for tele (pilot) protection
  • Rear-side service/modem interface
  • Time synchronization via IRIG B or DCF77 or system interface
  • Binary inputs: 8/16/24
  • Output relays: 16/24/32
  • High-speed trip outputs: 5 (optional)

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