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The motor protection device SIPROTEC 7SK85 is part of the SIPROTEC 5 series of modular field devices.

This device is designed for the protection of all motor sizes. With its flexibility and its high-performance DIGSI 5 engineering tool, the SIPROTEC 7SK85 fits perfectly for protection, control, monitoring, and measuring applications in electrical energy systems.
Main function: Motor protection for all motor sizes
Inputs and outputs:
  • 3 predefined standard variants with 4 current
  • transformers, 4 voltage transformers,
  • 11 to 27 binary inputs, 9 to 17 binary outputs
Hardware flexibility: Flexibly adaptable and expandable I/O quantity structure within the scope of the modular SIPROTEC 5 building block, 1/6 expansion modules can be added. Available with large or small display or without display
Width of housing: 1/3 x 19'' to 2/1 x 19''
All functions can be configured freely with DIGSI 5. For the application of some of the functions, you require the appropriate number of free function points within the device. The function point calculator in the online configurator provides support in determining the required number of function points for your device.
  • Motor protection functions: starting-time supervision, thermal overload protection for stator and rotor, restart inhibit, unbalanced load protection, load-jump protection
  • Stator and bearing temperature monitoring via a temperature sensors with an external RTD-box
  • Ground-fault protection (directional, non-directional) for the detection of stator ground-faults
  • Directional and non-directional time-overcurrent protection (short circuit protection) with additional functions
  • Detection of ground faults in systems with isolated or resonant neutral
  • Overvoltage and undervoltage protection
  • Power protection, configurable as active or reactive power protection
  • Control, synchrocheck and system interlocking
  • Arc protection
  • Powerful automation with graphical CFC (Continuous Function Chart)
  • Integrated electrical Ethernet port J for DIGSI
  • Single line presentation on a small or large display
  • Complete IEC 61850 (reporting and GOOSE) via integrated port J
  • Two optional pluggable communication modules usable for different and redundant protocols (IEC 61850, IEC 60870-5-103, IEC 60870-5-104, DNP3 (serial+TCP), Modbus TCP)
  • Ethernet redundancy protocols PRP and HSR
  • Cyber Security in accordance with NERC CIP and BDEW whitepaper
  • Secure serial protection data communication, also over great distances and all available physical media (fiber-optic cable, two-wire connections and communication networks)
  • Measurement of operational values
  • Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) for synchrophasor-measured values and IEEE C37.118 protocol
  • Powerful fault recording
  • Additional functions for simple tests and easy commissioning.

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