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The centralized busbar protection SIPROTEC 7SS85 is a selective, safe, and fast protection against busbar faults in medium voltage, high-voltage and very high voltage systems with the most various busbar configurations. ​

Busbar protection devices SIPROTEC 7SS85 are part of the modular SIPROTEC 5 series and their main function bases on the principle of differential protection. ​

Additional protection and control functions extend the scope of application to a comprehensive station protection. ​

The flexibility of the functions and the modular hardware structure allow an optimum adaptation of the 7SS85 to the most various system configurations and functional requirements.
Functionality The centralized busbar protection SIPROTEC 7SS85 encompasses the following maximum quantity structure:
  • 20 3-phase measuring points (current transformer)
  • 4 3phase measuring points (voltage transformer)
  • 26 bays (feeders, couplers, bus-section disconnections)
  • 4 bus zones (busbar sections with measuring function)
  • 4 couplers (with 1 or 2 current transformers)
  • 2 auxiliary busbars (busbar sections without measuring function)
  • Phase-selective measurement and Display
  • Selective tripping of faulty busbar sections.
  • Optional additional decentralized binary in- and outputs via protection interface (PI) or IEC 61850 (GOOSE) provide new concepts for busbar protection
Characteristics of the SIPROTEC 7SS85
  • Connector-independent check zone as additional tripping criterion
  • Optional integrated over / under voltage protection
  • Shortest tripping times (< 7 ms) for ensuring network stability and minimization of damage to the System
  • Highest stability is case of external faults, also in case of transformer saturation through stabilization with flowing currents
  • Operate curve with freely adjustable characteristic-curve sections
  • Additional operate curve with increased sensitivity for low current faults, for example in resistance-grounded Networks
  • Only 2 ms saturation-free time of the current transformer required through fast recognition of internal and external faults
  • Use of closed iron core or linearized current transformer within one substation possible
  • Adaptation of different current transformer ratio per parameterization
  • Uncomplicated dimensioning of the current transformers and the stabilization factor.
  • 3 interdependent methods of measurement make possible the shortest tripping times
  • The integrated circuit-breaker failure protection recognizes circuit-breaker faults
  • Various control possibilities, such as bay out of service, or blocking of dedicated protection functions, make the adaptation to operationally-caused special states of your system easier
  • Optional 1/3- or 3-pole circuit-breaker failure protection to trip all circuit breakers of the concerned busbar
  • section
  • Optional end-fault protection for the protection of the area between circuit breaker and current transformer

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