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The SIPROTEC 4 breaker management relay 7VK61 is a highly flexible autorecloser, synchro-check, and circuit breaker failure protection unit. This unit is used for the single and three pole auto-reclosure of a circuit-breaker after this circuit breaker has tripped due to a fault.

The synchro-check function ensures that the two circuits being reconnected by closing the circuit-breaker are within a defined safe operating state before the CLOSE command is issued. ​

The 7VK61 is also applicable as circuit breaker failure protection. A breaker failure occurs when the circuit-breaker fails to correctly open and clear the fault after single or three-pole trip commands have been issued by the protection.

It is then necessary to trip the relevant busbar zone (section) to ensure fault clearance. Together with the above-mentioned protection functions, the following additional functions of the 7VK61 can be applied: end-fault protection, pole-discrepancy protection, overvoltage protection and under voltage protection. As a member of the numerical SIPROTEC 4 relay family, it also provides control and monitoring functions and therefore supports the user with regard to a cost-effective power system management.
Protection functions
  • Single and/or three-pole auto-reclosure
  • Synchro-check with live/deadline/bus measurement
  • Closing under asynchronous conditions (consideration of CB operating time)
  • Circuit-breaker failure protection with two stages (single and three-pole with/without current)
  • End-fault protection
  • Pole-discrepancy protection
  • Overvoltage/Undervoltage protection
Control function
  • Commands f. ctrl. of CB and isolators
Monitoring functions
  • Operational measured values
  • Self-supervision of the relay
  • Event buffer and fault protocols
  • Oscillographic fault recording
  • Monitoring of CB auxiliary contacts
  • Switching Statistics
    • All functions can be used separately
    • Initiation/start by phase-segregated or 3-pole trip commands
    • Auto-reclosure for max. 8 reclose cycles
    • Evolving/sequential trip recognition
    • Auto-reclosure with ADT, DLC, RDT
    • Synchro-check with ΔV, Δϕ, Δf measurement
    • Breaker failure protection with highly secure 2-out-of-4 current check detectors
    • Breaker failure protection with short reset time and negligible overshoot time
Communication interfaces
  • Front interface for connecting a PC
  • System interface for connecting to a control system via various protocols
    • IEC 61850 Ethernet
    • IEC 60870-5-103 protocol
    • DNP 3.0
  • Rear-side service/modem interface
  • Time synchronization via
    • IRIG-B or DCF77 or system interface

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